V-Traffic Digital Signage

Traffic information optimized for dynamic displays

Airports, train stations, hotels, service stations – in fact all travel routes and transit hubs – can now be fitted with up-to-the-minute digital signage that delivers a steady stream of real-time traffic information.

Mediamobile’s V-Traffic Digital Signage solution is highly customizable and easy to deploy, and therefore perfectly meets the needs of distributors, media networks and installers. Our solutions are also ideal for companies that want to provide their customers or employees with useful information throughout the day.

Our services provide information on traffic conditions, journey times and different kinds of traffic incidents: such as accidents and road closures. Through our partnerships with Météo-France and the Finnish Metrological Institute, we also provide local weather updates and hazardous weather warnings.

V-Traffic Digital Signage gives you

  • High-quality data, real-time traffic updates
  • The choice of content
  • Customizable maps with a focus by region, city or area
  • A selection of map backgrounds: black, white or colored
  • Adjustable zoom levels
  • An Interface branded with your company logo

For more information and a personalized quotation, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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