Points of interest

Our POI service gives you immediate access to the information you need. We process data sourced from multiple suppliers so we can deliver the most relevant, recent and complete information available – in the format that suits you best.

Parking facilities

Driving round in circles looking for parking spaces isn’t just frustrating – it also accounts for a significant percentage of urban traffic. Our information helps motorists find suitable car parks or parking spaces, and provides full details of opening hours, availability and hourly/daily/monthly rates, as well as accessibility.


Motorists can use images from traffic surveillance cameras to check how serious traffic congestion is, or exactly what the weather is doing in a given area. We deliver traffic cam information in the form of static images or low-res streaming video.

Fuel prices

Finding fuel at the best possible prices can turn into a genuine obstacle course. Our regularly updated information helps motorists find the cheapest service stations and check additional details such as opening times, exact prices, and any other services on offer.

Toll charges

We advise motorists – in real time – of current toll charges for roads and motorways, bridges and congestion zones. This helps you check the number of toll collection points along your route and calculate the cost of your journey at a glance.

Bicycle hire points

Find your nearest bicycle hire point and check availability in real time.

Charging stations for electric vehicles

Providing detailed information on where to find e-vehicle charging stations, our service also tells you how many charging points are available.