V-Traffic and Les Indés Radios

V-Traffic and Les Indés Radio partner to provide a unique traffic information service for the independent French radio stations.

with the objective to provide the best possible traffic information for broadcasters, V-Traffic and Les Indés Radios, which represents 132 independent radio stations, start a new partnership with a traffic information platform dedicated for broadcast journalists.

Thanks to this partnership, V-Traffic is delivering the solution and services for effective real time traffic information to both local and national independent radio stations within the Les Indés association and is now the n°1 traffic information partner for the French radio market.

Broadcaster platform: Tailored traffic information in real time created for journalists.


In order to supply the most reliable service for driver safety, V-Traffic developed a high-performance platform called Broadcaster, to help radio journalists in Les Indés Group to prepare and present their traffic bulletins.

The independent radio stations represented by Les Indés Radios, are focused on bringing innovation and high quality information as part of their daily programs, especially those focused on news, for example the 1st FM newsroom unit has 500 contributing journalists. With over 8 million listeners and 95% coverage of the French population, Les Indés Group is the number one broadcaster, in terms of audience, for the French market(1)... To start the partnership, some 45 radio stations from the Group both national (Voltage, Latina, ADO FM…) and local stations (Toulouse FM, Bergerac 95…) will be using the Broadcaster platform.

With an intuitive and ergonomic interface, Broadcaster offers key functionalities to access the detailed traffic information:

  • Secure & individually configurable access for each radio station.
  • Quick, real time access to key road information (number of accidents, kilometres of congestion, broken down cars etc.)

Broadcaster is a flexible tool that helps journalists to quickly and concisely prepare their travel messages and is adaptable to all radio stations irrespective of their size and geographical range.

Interview with Jean-Eric Valli, CEO of Les Indés Radios

Q: Why did you choose V-Traffic?
Jean-Eric Valli: « V-Traffic was chosen for the reliability and quality of service. Their regular collaboration with car makers has also been an additional reason for this partnership as Les Indés Radios have intensified their activity on connected cars in recent months, notably with the launch of Android Auto and CarPlay. »

Q: What are the benefits of this new collaboration?
Jean-Eric Valli: « There is a lot of benefits in this partnership. First, the traffic information delivered is reliable and will allow journalists from our radio stations to have access to quality traffic information and to prepare their traffic news items effectively. Furthermore, the interface is easy to use and allows each radio station to securely configure their access and information requirements without advertising messages. »

Les Indés Radios at glance

The Les Indés Radios group, founded 24 years ago, is managed by 11 administrators and today brings together 132 independent radio stations. It achieved in 2015, a turnover of 165 million euros. Each day, the Group's radio stations reach 8,366,000 listeners, making it the largest radio audience in France(1). The stations united within the Les Indés Radios cover 95% of the French population using 900 broadcast frequencies.

(1)Médiamétrie, (a French audience measurement company), 126 000 radio stations, April-June 2016, Monday / Friday, 5.00h-24.00h, 13 years +. 1st audience in France: 132 local, regional and thematic radio stations of Les Indés Radios group together a cumulative audience of 8.161.000 listeners, higher than each national radio station (Chérie Fm, Europe 1, France Bleu, France Culture, France Info, France Inter, France Musique, Mouv`, Mfm Radio, Nostalgie, NRJ, Radio Classique, Radio Nova, RFM, Rire et Chansons, RMC, RTL, RTL2, Skyrock, Virgin Radio).