September 2011 - BMW chooses Mediamobile’s traffic information service for its latest-generation connected navigation system

Mediamobile, leading provider of traffic information and editor of the V-Trafic range of services in France, today announced that its real-time traffic information (RTTI) solution will be integrated into BMW’s production vehicles equipped with “BMW ConnectedDrive”.

The system calculates the best itinerary based on real time traffic conditions, providing instructions for avoiding traffic jams with a maximum of accuracy and reliability.

“BMW’s stringent standards for its suppliers are common knowledge. The fact that Mediamobile has become their reference for connected traffic information marks a milestone in our company’s development.” This is how Mediamobile’s CEO Vincent Godec sums up the implications of the contract with BMW.

The successful bid was put in by the Mile consortium, made up of Mediamobile, ITIS and Infoblu. Together, the firms offered a commitment to the very best results in terms of quality of service, as well as acclaimed expertise in the development and standardisation of traffic information. Another winning feature of the Mile partnership was its members’ longstanding relations with major players throughout the automotive industry.

The automaker’s choice of connected services supplier in France makes Mediamobile BMW’s traffic information solutions provider throughout their entire model range, and all transmission technologies.

BMW drivers will benefit from the following features:

-       Real-time traffic event information (accidents, lane closures, roadworks and so on)

-       Traffic flow and congestion information, enabling the drivers to select the best itinerary, choose alternative routes in the event of congestion and be informed of estimated travel times.

-       Predictive traffic (build-up and clearing of congestion, etc.)


New standards, new perspectives

For the first time, Mediamobile’s deploys the new TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) protocol, based on specifications developed by TISA (Travel Information Services Association). This will provide drivers of BMWs equipped with the solution access to a wealth of detailed information, accuracy and responsiveness, superior to solutions using TMC-type standards.

Mediamobile and the other Mile consortium members’ connected mode implementation of the new TPEG standard provides BMW with innovative solutions making use of cutting-edge technological expertise.

For the BMW ConnectedDrive, Mediamobile has developed an assessment and quality control tool for checking traffic data in all the countries covered, based on a new standard called QBench. In view of QBench’s especially stringent quality assessment requirements, TISA is currently considering the adoption of this new quality assessment method as an industry standard across Europe.

“Connected cars represent the next major step forward in automotive technology. The services we’re providing are amongst the most sophisticated on the market, in the same way that BMW positions itself on the cusp of embedded technology,” explained Vincent Godec. “By combining our offerings in this way, we are establishing a new benchmark in terms of intelligent navigation.”


15 years of French Research and Development at the driver’s service.

Mediamobile has steadily built up solid technical expertise since 1997, when Visionaute, its first traffic information system, was launched.

The firm will be providing BMW’s customers with V-Trafic Premium Traffic Information, offering coverage of over 320,000 km of roads throughout France, including all motorways, dual carriageways, as well as secondary roads and main routes through urban areas.

Enhanced data accuracy is obtained thanks to continuous, anonymized analysis of information from over 700,000 vehicles fitted with GPS technology. This means traffic reporting can be updated in real time.

The solution will be available with the “BMW Connected Drive” option from September 2011 onwards.


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About Mediamobile and V-Trafic:

Mediamobile is a leading real-time traffic information service operator in France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Mediamobile’s clients include automotive manufacturers who wish to include traffic information services in their embedded navigation systems, as well as GPS systems manufacturers. Mediamobile’s services are also available via mobile phone operators’ mobile portals and navigation applications. Mediamobile markets services under the V-Trafic brand in France. Visit for more information