Languages & formats

Mediamobile’s V-Traffic platform is as flexible as you need – collecting and disseminating traffic information in any format over any distribution channel, from radio (RDS-TMC or digital radio) through mobile data (TPEG over IP) to the Internet (XML).

Flexible choice of mapping formats

Mediamobile delivers solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. No matter which mapping system you prefer, we’re compatible with all of them – Nokia (Navteq), TomTom (TeleAtlas), Bing, Google Maps and many others.

Most of the time, V-Traffic information is based on TMC location referencing tables. This makes it easy to geolocate events happening on each country’s main road network. TMC location tables are specific to each country and certified by TISA. Mediamobile has either created and/or helps maintain the TMC tables for all the countries in which we operate.

Updating maps is a costly business. Fortunately, the latest methods for encoding location references like Agora-C and OpenLR make it possible to identify and pinpoint locations or events on any type of map. Mediamobile can deliver data encoded in either of these formats, as you prefer.