Data distribution

RDS-TMC Premium

Since 1996, Mediamobile has specialized in broadcasting traffic info to motorists over FM radio using RDS-TMC. This text message format carries details of accidents, road works and road closures, and is broadcast over the FM band – at frequencies inaudible to motorists – by FM transmitters of partner radios. The messages are received by devices fitted with RDS-TMC receivers, including onboard navigation systems and personal GPS systems.

Mediamobile is the sole supplier of Premium RDS-TMC traffic information technology in northern Europe, and one of only two in France. RDS-TMC technology is still one of the most user-friendly and accessible traffic information solutions, available almost everywhere and offering road users a lifetime service with no subscription charges when they buy a suitably equipped vehicle or personal GPS system. What’s more, because the same standards apply right across Europe, it’s easy to access RDS-TMC services abroad.

DAB – Terrestrial Digital Radio

For Mediamobile, “digital radio” doesn’t just mean more data – it really means new services and new applications. And now, thanks to DAB-TPEG technology, Mediamobile is able to broadcast information on the weather, traffic conditions, webcams and POI over digital radio.

Digital radio has many advantages over mobile data technologies based on 2G/3G/4G. Digital radio is capable of delivering high-definition data cost-effectively, with no subscription charges and no roaming fees when travelling abroad. Mediamobile offers V-Traffic Premium DAB services over digital radio in many European countries.

Transmission in connected data mode (GPRS/3G/4G)

Today’s networked vehicles can take full advantage of real-time applications delivered over GPRS/3G/4G networks, typically advising drivers of traffic issues, available parking spaces and fuel prices at service stations. A chip is installed on board the vehicle and the digital data is transmitted over the mobile phone operators’ data networks.

Mediamobile offers a wide variety of multimedia services for in-car navigation systems, personal navigation devices (PND), smartphones and tablets. By using protocols like XML or TPEG over IP, we can deliver detailed and accurate traffic information with exceptional flexibility.

Mediamobile has already built a market-leading level of expertise in the implementation of connected data services at European level for automakers such as BMW, with their ConnectedDrive.

Distribution over the Internet

More and more businesses are making this kind of information available to their employees via intranets, and to customers or the public via their websites. Mediamobile delivers traffic info and other dynamic data in XML format, or as turnkey solutions optimized for any kind of Internet application and any kind of mapping system.